Stay at Home Dads

A stay at home dad is a term that has changed dramatically over the years. Increasingly mobile work situations means that working remotely or working from home is a possibility that many dads and in fact mums can take advantage of. Working remotely or building up a portfolio of well paid freelance jobs is an ideal scenario for many families. It means they can be flexible with their working hours, work to their own deadlines and avoid lengthy and costly commutes in to city centres for work.

Freelance jobs range from video editing, voice overs, editorial work and for those who have a creative flair, designing business cards and logos.

Where to Find Remote Work for Stay at Home Dads

stay at home dadsThere are plenty of remote work job opportunities around and with sites such as and you can learn pretty much any skill you want to. Set yourself up with a portfolio on freelance sites such as or or even and put yourself forward for a huge number of jobs. If you haven’t yet experienced sites such as then you need to take a look at the kind of jobs that are available on there and build your skills accordingly whether it is creative, data, programming or marketing jobs.

So how do you go about setting yourself up as a stay at home dad? You need to start working out what it is you want to fill your time doing sign up for some courses and get some experience in what it is you want to do. Your overheads will be low, you only need a few tools to really get going as a stay at home dad.