Freelance Creative Work

Freelance creative work is abundant and these days it isn’t all just about the huge brands you have worked on or the extensive experience you have. There is plenty of room for those just starting out in freelance creative work to build their portfolios with freelance sites such as and If you are more into design and want to build up the skills of a freelance designer then take a look at our guide to freelance design work here.

Voice Over Freelance Work

Voice over work is in demand and it is the type of job that fits perfectly with the freelance industry. Not only broadcasters and advertisers, but providers of all kinds of media and training will always have demand for voice overs for scripts and soundtracks. These may be recorded in a tightly prescribed style, or some imagination and flair may be desirable on the voice over artist’s part. Some editing know-how and suitable equipment is a must, however, a quiet, controlled recording environment may not be the natural habitat of a stay at home dad!

There are a few tools you need to be able to set yourself up as a voice over freelancer and that includes a decent internet connection to be able to transfer larger files, a laptop with some high quality DAW software Digital Audio Workstation and a good quality microphone.

freelance creative work The microphone you choose will depend upon budget and the type that will be compatible with your existing set up. For example, you might prefer a USB microphone such as the Snowball iCE USB Microphone if you are on a small budget but are looking for something that is still of good quality or you might even want to stretch as far as getting a dynamic broadcast microphone Рsimilar to the types used in radio broadcasting.

Video Editing Freelance Work

Freelance video editing skills can be employed, as with voice overs, by software and training providers in addition to more obvious kinds of film makers. Whether you just have a little commercial experience with the video tools in the Adobe product range, or a deeper expertise within the trade, a lot can be achieved with just a laptop and in working hours to suit.

freelance creative work For freelance video editing work, you will need a few tools but one of the most important is a high quality laptop that will be able to handle the resource intensive video editing software needed, and a high quality screen. The MacBook Pro is a favourite amongst designers and editors alike and would be a great piece of equipment for video editing.