Freelance Editorial Work

Freelance editorial work means you need to have an excellent grasp of the English Language and an eye for detail, but most importantly an ability to follow instructions. All you will need to get going with freelance editorial work is a laptop, or desktop and Microsoft Work. You will also need a few courses under your belt such as the professional courses from The Society of Editors and Proofreaders and some coaching from If you don’t think you have the editorial skills to take this kind of freelance work up then take a look at voice over freelance work or even logo design freelance design work.

Freelance Editorial Work

freelance editorial workEditorial work can require full concentration as you really need to be able to pay attention to detail and this may not always be ideal for stay at home parenting situations of parents with small children. Text reading work is readily available from a number of online and crowdsourcing work sites. Initial tests and examinations are often used to select candidates, so a little time needs to be invested up front. have plenty of opportunities for you to build up your experience in this area.

There are many companies who are looking for good editors and proofreaders, particularly those qualified in the technical aspects of copy editing or proofreading who will pay a good fee for those who have built up a little experience. By qualifying with The Society of Editors and Proofreaders ( you will set yourself up with some good certifications. Try places such as Upwork ( and Freelancer ( to see the kind of freelance jobs you could be aiming towards.

Translation Services

If you are fluent in more than one language, then being a translator could earn you a good income. This job requires you to translate audio files or documents from one language to another while preserving the intended message. You are also required to know the effect of cultural differences in mind when doing the translations.

Online translation services have allowed many companies to access home-based translators who are fluent in some of the hard-to-find language skills. Payment is valued for each hour done when translating, and goes up to quite a high hourly wage. This also depends on a particular industry with professional, scientific and technical services being the highest paying jobs.