Running Pay Per Click Campaigns

Running Pay Per Click campaigns is ideal for the analytical and numbers driven person. Learning how to use Google’s AdWords, Analytics and running Facebook, Instagram or Twitter ad campaigns to a strategical standard will put you in very good stead for running campaigns for clients whilst achieving some impressive results. Not analytical enough for this? Try out some voice over work or video editing or even try your hand at logo design or editorial work.

What Do You Need to Run Pay Per Click Campaigns?

All you need is a good understanding of the product, of the target audience and the technical ability. Start with some of the Google Analytics exams and certifications and follow this with the Adwords exams and you will have taken the first step towards this.

running pay per click campaignsRunning analytics campaigns allows digital marketing professionals to collect data and analyse how effective their campaigns are. It also gives them an opportunity to measure how effective their marketing strategies are performing. Either running campaigns or reporting on existing campaigns is a valued skill that many digital agencies or small businesses do at times look to outsource.

Applying analytical tracking and affiliate advertising to websites, and optimising their search engine performance, are skills that can be learned online or from books and taught training. It’s a rich area that can be tapped into working from home, offering your services directly or through agencies. Open-source and micro-job sites can offer a lot of work related to analytics – either writing keyword-filled content or verifying it by performing searches and categorisation tasks from the user’s point of view.